Wildlife Sweden (Camp Ängra, Kårböle, Sweden)

Watching wildlife with a personal touch.
Wildlife Sweden stands for explicit wildlife experiences for smaller groups and has become well known because of its successful way of spotting wildlife. Watching wildlife is more than just sitting and watching. It is their goal to let you really connect with nature.”

Bears, wolverines, beavers and moose.

Around Ängra, there is wildlife wherever you go. From flowing streams with fish, beavers and otters to the Scandinavian forests with the majestic moose, bear and a high variety of bird species. Wildlife Sweden organizes safaris focused on moose and beaver, but you never known what else you will see. Also around and close to the camp site, there is much to do and see regarding nature and wildlife! You can find more information on the website of Wildlife Sweden.

Watching Brown Bear & Wolverine

From a floating photo-hide, we were able to watch some of the most amazing animals in Europe. They are not only very close (approx. 25 metre), but also show natural behaviour in their natural habitat. The cabin is in a unique location on a lake deep in the forest and equipped with 4 chairs, 3 beds, a toilet and a heater. Besides bears and wolverines, also the golden eagle has been spotted very often in front of the photo hide and even the wolf and lynx show up every now and then.

Booking the floating wildlife hide from Wildlife Sweden is available from 1 may until 15 august. 

Below some of our photos, all taken from or near the hide!