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Welcome to the website from Heeres Wildlife Photography. 

As hobby and amateur photographers, we would like to share our photos and experiences. We will expand our journeys page every months. Also, enjoy our other photos: these are not bound to a certain wildlife trip but worth showing. Let us know what you think! Do you have questions? Do not hesitate and ask us!

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Check out our new page about Wildlife Sweden Camp Ängra. Illustrated by our own photos from our time there.

New update! New photos from Sweden and the Netherlands. Photos from visits to wolverine and bear hides, new owl encounters and dutch forest birds. Check out both the updated Journeys and our new photos in the Gallery!!

* This website will be under construction continuously, because we will try to add photo's every month. There will always be an update post on Instagram, Facebook and announcements on this homepage. So check the website from time-to-time to see new journeys.