Short Introduction

Welcome to our website. Here we want to introduce ourselves and our aim for the website:

This website is ment to share our experiences and photos of our journeys all around the world. We, Ron Heeres & Rick Heeres, enjoy being outside and focus on photography as a hobby. The last years our equipment and time spend on photography has increased and therefore the amount of photos. The idea of an own website started and the last months we have been developing and designing. It took some time, but now we have something we are proud of! We both focus on making pictures to our taste, but also to capture many species. This may results in some photos without the "wow" factor, but then the species may be extra special. Do you have any questions about species, just contact us!

We would like to thank both Johanna Märtz and Andy Märtz for all their help to make this website. Johanna created our beautiful logo and Andy has been an enourmous help with developing the website.

We hope you enjoy our photos and amazing journeys. Join us on Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to contact us.